2nd ghost tour yesterday, and a chill in the air!

Performed the second ghost tour yesterday, Haunted Melbourne Ghost Walk, which began at the steps of Old Treasury! An incredible warm night, perhaps the last for the year!



Me in front of an old warehouse on Flinders Lane. The chill in the air is opposite this, and a little down the street.

During the tour, I tell the story of the Flinders Lane tragedy, and the man who was determined to be a ghost, in order to drive his wife mad, after his suicide. Allegedly a nearby lane around where the unfortunate couple’s house was found, is supposedly haunted, and as we walked around the corner, there was a clear chill in the air, which was I feel not just from suddenly being in the shade.


Spooky Melbourne! What secrets do you hold?

If anyone is interested, the location of the ‘chill’ is corner of George Pde and Flinders Lane, approximately opposite the old wool house! I will possibly post some pictures of the location in future.

The first time I walked around the city looking for ghosts at night time, several months, back I came away thinking the city was not haunted. Now I am not so sure!



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