Amazing tour last night. Ghostly chill confirmed!

As we walked to the bottom of George Pde, almost on Flinders Lane, the ‘chill spot’ once again struck. This is an area featuring an infamous suicide, of a man who was determined to become a ghost, one hundred and forty years ago.

What occurred next happened without me even pointing out the chilly, strange location. On the tour we had a girl who was very sensitive, and who had talked of having filmed orbs in her room, accompanied by haunting phenomena including her pet cat freaking out. Orbs are unexplained infra-red balls of light. According to one theory they may be defocused dust. According to another theory, they are associated with ghosts.

‘Did you feel the chill, did you feel it?’, she asked.

‘Yes, it’s winter!’ another man on the tour pointed out.

If you would like to take part in the Haunted Melbourne Ghost Walk, in order to make up your own mind. It takes place on Thursday nights, 7pm, from the steps of Old Treasury.


Haunted Melb Ghost Walk on Facebook

Tours website

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