Was a Melbourne gasfitter actually Jack the Ripper?

Frederick Deeming was a Melbourne man, born in London, who was a great conartist of both jewellers and women. Often wearing jewels, he would pursue rich women in hopes of achieving greater wealth. Frederick Deeming on Wikipedia

It seems that Frederick Deeming, slightly before his execution in Melbourne in 1891, may been Jack the Ripper, as he supposedly confessed to the final Ripper murder.

Despite the different modus opperandi in question, namely fact that Deeming killed his own two families, while the Ripper went after prostitutes who were probably otherwise unknown to him, one motive has emerged. It appears that Deeming in fact stated that he would not have thought it murder to kill a prostitute who had given him Syphilis. In fact the idea of syphilis may have been also used as part of his insanity defence. He claimed that he had contracted syphilis in England! Was this at Whitechapel?



After his execution, people began to suspect that he was in fact the ripper. At Scotland Yard however, it was always thought that Deeming had been in prison at the time. His use of 20 different names however, makes this less likely than it seems!

The above is an article referred to in a great documentary: Jack the Ripper: Australian.

On the Twisted Tales Walking Tour, we walk over the courtyard where Deeming would have been buried! After his execution, there were no more ripper murders at Whitechapel. Did the trail end when Deeming swung in 1891?


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