Why I started this company…

The popular image of backpackers are as a bunch of partiers, travelling the East Coast of Australia (particularly Germans), uninterested in much else except surfing the beaches and maybe scuba diving the barrier reef, maybe getting drunk. Rubbish. Young people are just as interested in history as old. It’s just they have less time for it. In my time in hostels I have noticed that backpackers are among the smartest, warmest, most open-minded people, I have ever experienced, infinitely curious about everything, often book lovers and very well read. We backpackers (and I count myself as one) want a taste of everything in life.

With an interest in geography, which every #backpacker shares, sometimes to an intense degree, often comes an interest in history. Now we have a problem arise… many historical tours are not within the backpackers’ budget. Being a historian and eager to share, comes the notion that one must provide a nice tour in exchange for something which is affordable, especially the #TwistedTalesWalkingTour.

I have an intense desire to share Melbourne’s strange and glorious past. We are the very best city in Australia in my mind, and I hope that every backpacker stopping in Melbourne can pop along to one of our accessible tours. We get a nice mix of Australians, Melbourne people, as well as internationals.

Check it out!

Walking Tours


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