An Artist with one arm…

On our New York End Tour, you can hear about Napier Waller, a famous Melbourne artist who lost his right arm in the trenches of France. Cheated out of a canvas career, he went on to produce fabulous mosaics: nine of which grace Melbourne. This is the facade of Newspaper House, built in 1931. The quote is Shakespeare, from Midsummer Night’s Dream.



Newspaper house, which also has our oldest neon light on top!

Did you know that Melbourne has both a ‘New York End’, as well as a ‘Paris End?’

Paris End

These are essentially, the two opposite ends of Collins St. The East End has been known as the Paris End, for quite some time. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the wife of the owner of the former Oriental Hotel insisted on opening up a Paris-style outdoor cafe. Many people thought such an arrangement could not survive in Melbourne due to our periodic bouts of bad weather, but in fact, with umbrellas, the arrangement went fairly well. There are other reasons for being called the Paris end. The nice boulevard atmosphere, the architecture as well as the theaters and fashion stores give it some degree of a Parisian flavour. Come and check it out on our #Paris_End_ Walking_Tour!


The Regent Theater, on the Paris end of Collins.


The Stunning Theosophical Society next to the Regent Theater.

New York End

It seems that in the old days, the west end of Collins St was also referred to as the ‘Soviet End’ (The old ‘The Age’ Newspaper building was referred to the Spencer Street Soviet. It was for a time referred to as the Prague end. Exactly why is anybody’s guess. It is increasingly appropriate to refer to it as the ‘New York End of Collins’. This side of the central business district has a more derelict feel to it, wide streets filled with obscure grey buildings contribute to an atmosphere vaguely familiar to a former resident of New York. He informed me thatĀ Melbourne was a ‘mini Manhattan.’ Come and walk the New York End with us on our Free Walking Tour*, and see for yourself. It is our best street!


A Mini Manhattan? Check out our tour when you are in Melbourne! #Free_New_York_End_Walking TourĀ