We have orb!

This is the first picture I seem to have taken of a ghostly orb.

One of the tell-tale signs of ghost activity is the orb. Some orbs are defocused dust. Others are not. I am not laying any claims regarding what is going on in the photograph below, but it would appear that there is an orb in one photo of Castletown Pl, from the old Little Lon slum, just outside the old warehouse. The old house behind, built in the 1870s, was a brothel by the 1920s, run by a woman called ‘Yokahama.’ Who knows what went on there.



Castletown place without orb


…. and with orb. (see centre) Defocused dust, or ghost?

One of the ways to capture orbs is to take lots of photographs of the same scene. You also allegedly have to become ‘orb-conscious’ and think about them. Apparently that helps.

Between the Gold Rush and the 1940s, Little Lon was a den of iniquity and a rats’ nest of laneways. For people living there, they generally looked after one another, but outsiders saw the cultural mix, the prostitution and poverty of the area, and saw misery.

I do not know if ghosts are real or not but the phenomenon of believing in them is certainly real.

On the ghost tour I sometimes suggest that people can try taking photographs to see if something like this comes up.


What you learn from people on tours!

Always learn interesting things from people on the tours! I learn most on the daytime crime tour, which is the ‘Free’ Twisted Tales Crime Tour, and has been running the longest. I often ask a number of questions:

  • Have you ever seen a ghost? (about 5% claim to seen one or believe in them!)
  • Who has been to Antarctica? (ONE person out of a thousand!)

I ask the Antarctica question outside the Royal Society, since there is an old glacial boulder, placed there in 1958, the 100th anniversary of the building of the structure.

Melbourne people usually tend to call the Royal Exhibition Building, the ‘Exhibition Buildings’. I was brought up calling it that, even though there is only one. I am supposing it is a relic of a past era when there were more buildings there, during the great exhibition or later exhibitions.


Is this why they are called the ‘Exhibition Buildings?’ What we know as the Royal Exhibition Building, today, was merely the entrance, the Great Hall. That pavilion behind is merely a small part of what what once existed behind. A huge market-like structure. (from Wikipedia)

People also tell me stories about their ancestors. Today a man told me his relative held the lease for the Elms Family Hotel on the corner of Little Lon and Spring. (Little Lon was a  slum back in the day) It’s the only surviving business (until a couple months back) in the area which dates from the 19th century, recently being remodelled. Hope it won’t be demolished! Elms Family Hotel.

Another has told me his family owned a factory in the area. Factories in the former Little Lon slum were a later development.


A picture I took of Castletown Pl, Little Lon at night-time! The old house, #17 is at the back! Yep, that seems to be an orb up there. Maybe the ghost of Thirsty Liz, or a customer of the former brothel at number 17?

Another man on one tour told me his ancestor was a gold-digger in early Melbourne, died in a forgotten shipwreck off the coast of Victoria in the 1850s. The history lives, and goes back a long way indeed!

2nd ghost tour yesterday, and a chill in the air!

Performed the second ghost tour yesterday, Haunted Melbourne Ghost Walk, which began at the steps of Old Treasury! An incredible warm night, perhaps the last for the year!



Me in front of an old warehouse on Flinders Lane. The chill in the air is opposite this, and a little down the street.

During the tour, I tell the story of the Flinders Lane tragedy, and the man who was determined to be a ghost, in order to drive his wife mad, after his suicide. Allegedly a nearby lane around where the unfortunate couple’s house was found, is supposedly haunted, and as we walked around the corner, there was a clear chill in the air, which was I feel not just from suddenly being in the shade.


Spooky Melbourne! What secrets do you hold?

If anyone is interested, the location of the ‘chill’ is corner of George Pde and Flinders Lane, approximately opposite the old wool house! I will possibly post some pictures of the location in future.

The first time I walked around the city looking for ghosts at night time, several months, back I came away thinking the city was not haunted. Now I am not so sure!